Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fabulous 50 Reunion


Ok, give or take 1 or 2 years.

We all came bushy-eyed to Assumption English School - some studying with the opposite sex for the first time - and now, we are 'lau jiao' (old bird) at 50. As the saying goes, 'Time sure flies!' I don't know about you, but I do not feel 50 at all. Ok, so I fart a little more carelessly now, squint a little more funnily now, dye my hair a little more zealously now, but hey, other than that, it's still "same-old, same old". Ok, ok, so I had bits of me overhauled now and then, but which supercar doesn't need some body work done, eh? The important thing is, this supercar IS still running!

But it has seen some mileage.

It is now 50.

So, before this old car runs out of gas, it would like to go on one last ride with the folks he has grown up with. Folks, who, for better or worse, made life at Assumption English School 'interesting'.

The school life we had at Boys' Town was indeed one-of-a-kind. The small community, the keeness in sports, frequent fundraising, at-times hell-raising, the church mass, Founder's Day, uniform groups, St John Island Camp, annual cross-country, striptease shows in Thailand etc., etc., all add up to an education money cannot buy. And lots of us couldn't afford it, actually. A kampong life, a kampong school. An (atas?) foreigner's school for our mates from JB and Indonesia? Haha, so, AES wasn't so kampong after all!

To celebrate turning 50, we are going to hold a mass orgy. Oops, no, I mean a mass celebration (but I am told there are rooms upstairs of the function hall, with fancy names like  - Making Love Out of Nothing At All, One Night In Chevron, Love Conquers All, Good Morning Yesterday, and What? Pistorius-Shot-His-Hot-Girlfriend?, etc).

Ok, details:

The place has been booked, the date has been set. (So don't play us out!)

Place: The Chevrons (somewhere near Jurong East)
Website: Got Pictures
Getting there: Blur Sotong

Date: Saturday 22 June 2013
Time: 6 pm (cocktail)

Ticket price: $68++ (Int'l halal meal, wine, honored guests (teachers), gifts, etc)
Spouse: Leave behind at in-laws or send on a cruise-to-nowhere (Haha...just kidding. By all means, bring your better, misbehaving half!)

Attire: Costume
Simple one lah. No Friday the 13th blood and gore. Just come in white and blue (AES colors), white socks and canvas shoes. :-) Easily done right? Remember: BATA before school. Or Fung Keong. (Ok, anybody remembers Fung Keong shoes? ;-)

(For those of you no longer 'miao tiao' (shapely), relax: costume is optional. Heck, yr presence is more important! But those of you want a bit of fun, come in costume. I think there's a prize for most hairy legs, busting gut, etc.)

Ok, enough of the nonsense and let the fun begin. Do spread the word and get as many from our batch as possible to attend. As Chief Function Instigator '100%-Single' Gregory "Craig" Teo said: "If not this 50, then the next 50?" Good luck on that one!

In any case, what is worse than growing old? Growing old alone. So, start reconnecting!

Yours truly,

TC Lai
Former Assistant Head Prefect (morning Mari Kita)
Blue Water Bottle Boy (told to avoid soft drinks)
NPCC NCO (couldn't afford Scout uniform)
School Badminton Player (one true love)
and failed Rojak Seller at school hall fund-raiser (more interested in the girl than making a profit)

HP: 92379773
Gmail: monaco.lai@gmail.com (Any Comment from this blog will reach me.)

On behalf of Organising Committee. (Greg/Craig Teo, Nancy Ng, Mary Goh, Andrew Seet, Woon Wai Peng (Ben), Tan Chong Kiat (Steven), Say Kok Chue (Handsome), and yours truly, Tuck Chong).

See tabs above for further info on Invite Lists, Payment matters, etc.

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