The OrgCom

We had our first impromptu meeting during a CNY "loh hei" on a Tuesday night.

The first formal meeting took place the following Sunday at Andrew's place, a condo next to CCK MRT station, a very convenient locale.

Those present were Andrew Seet, Greg Two, Nancy Ng, Mary Goh, TC Lai. Absent with apologies were Ben Woon Wai Peng (church) and Steven Tan Chong Kiat (sick).

At the meeting, Say Kok Chue was unanimously chosen as Event Photographer as his previous work proved good and rather professional. Kok Chue would later protest but weakly (no use, lah).

So in the end, the OrgCom members are:

- Gregory "Craig" Teo
- TC Lai
- Andrew Seet
- Nancy Ng
- Mary Goh
- Ben Woon Wai Peng
- Steven Tan Chong Kiat
- Say Kok Chue
- Yong Chee Kong
- Henry Ng

Wishing one and all, "soon soon li li",


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