Payment Details

Ok, to repeat, the dinner ticket price is $68. As Mrs Goh might say, "It's peanuts!"

To reiterate its value, this ticket will include several things: International meal, wine, gifts, prizes, wonderful venue, etc., including some excellent jokes by Greg Teo. Craig Teo will no doubt contribute, so you are getting the price of two for one! (Isn't it obvious?)

Singapore is well-known as a modern technopolis. Its population is amongst the most wifi and mobile enabled. So in order to prove the world right, we will collect payment for the Fab50AES event via electronic means. In the past, Yellow Pages say 'Let Your Fingers Do The Walking', now it is web pages that say, 'Let Your Fingers Do The Clicking!'.

It's a simple matter of e-banking funds transfer, or EBFT. (We Singaporeans are fond of our acronyms, aren't we?)

Bank Account Type: DBS Savings Plus

Bank Account Name: Ng Kiem Hoong 

Bank Account No: 054-9-038607

I know, I know, 50 already and our eyesight is not what it used to be!

The thing about being in the same cohort is that we pretty much face the same problems. Our hearts beat as one, our eyesight fail as one, our colon needs.... Well, you know what I mean.

Follow-up Action:
Ok, once you have made the fund transfer, please drop Nancy a note via SMS/Whatsapp or email. This is so we can quickly note down that you have paid.

Nancy's number is +65-9695-0928

I know, I know, pretty soon we'll be using old-people phones with big dial numbers. By then, hopefully Siri is old enough to understand old people words."Ah Pek, ler kong si mi sai?"


Do call if you encounter any problems.

Yours truly and thank you,

HP: 92379773

Tip: No need to copy, just snap the screen with your phone camera or download this image:(Right click your mouse and choose 'Save image as..."

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