Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Event Photos Are Finally Here!

Dear all,

Event photos have been uploaded to Flickr. Please view at:

On behalf of the organising committee, I want to thank you very much for your attendance.

Your being there certainly has rolled back the years and made it extra special.

We wish also to thank the teachers for taking the trouble to attend. We know at their age, the inclination is to rest at home (haha, we will get there one day if not already! :-)

Once again, thank you for making it such a memorable event. It was probably more special for those who have to suck on a bottle again (that's like an almost 50yrs ago event! Yes, time flies!).

Now that you have reconnected, do stay connected. And stay well.

As always, live long and prosper.

Your fellow Assumptionite, 


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Event Photos

Here's the group photo for the night's event.

Be patient, we just gotten back the photo disc from the official photographer.

This is not the only group photo but one where everybody is looking at the camera.

I will upload more photos this weekend.

The event was a success as many got to meet each other for the first time after an interval of 38 yrs or more. More than 70 turned up including three teachers. Mrs De Vaz, Mr Ang Leng Sze, and Mr William Choong. (Mr Wilfred James had a last minute emergency flight out of Singapore, and a couple of teachers were not feeling well. We hope it is nothing serious and wish them a speedy recovery.) 

What a wonderful meeting of old friends that night! And the game played was hilarious. The night ended with the lucky draw and a closing prayer from our very own priest, Father Yeo Teck Seng.

Afterwards, about 20 of us adjourned to an upstairs outdoor bar and had beer and talked some more until past 1 am. 

Here's a complimentary message from one attendee:

"To the organising committee (the mighty 10!); 
- Craig Teo
- Lai Tuck Chong
- Andrew Seet
- Nancy Ng
- Mary Goh
- Ben Woon
- Steven Tan
- Say Kok Chue
- Yong Chee Kong
- Henry Ng

I am writing just to say a massive 'THANK YOU' for the massive 'WORK' resulting in our Fabulous 50 Reunion.  Thank you to each of you for your generosity; your invaluable time to make this a reality for all.  Just watching the reunion souvenir CD makes me guilty of all the work that you have all "ploughed" through if I do not make an effort to write this note.

Over 30 years since we parted and upon Tuck Chong's invitation, I was apprehensive not knowing what to expect and who I will connect with but I am so glad that I attended.  It was a wonderful opportunity to meet at this half a century point.  An intersection to what TC described in his blog: Friends of old, friends of now, friends of the future.  Reconnecting with all missing gems in our lives, recapture those youthful moments and secure new friendships!  I fully understood.

Not only was the night special but the renewed friendships have blossomed through your kindness.  It was such great fun seeing so many "old" faces at the same venue, a lovely atmosphere, I wish I could have stayed longer but that short weekend was more than I could ask for!  Thanks again."